September 15, 2020

cooperation with the local emergency services

Sydvaranger has entered into a cooperation with the local emergency services, aiming at strengthening the safety not only for our employees, but also for all emergency service personnel.

First meeting was held at the beginning of the month, with the Ambulance, Fire Department, Police Department and Sydvaranger present. Going forward, we would like to invite other relevant parties to join as well. Sydvaranger is proud to have initiated this cooperation, and look forward to continuing as well as developing this further. Standing united and working together does not only ensure everyone’s safety – it makes us all stronger and more prepared😊

From the left.: Arianne Heitmann Beckmand (SYD), Jan Arne Moen (ambulance service), Jørgen Holte (police), Morten Meslo (Fire department) og Ylva Wård (SYD).

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