July 8, 2022

Skills development in Sydvaranger!

After three years of study at the Technical college in Kirkenes, Cato Johansen and Kim-Gøran Pettersen can call themselves Construction and Mining engineers with specializing in mining!

In collaboration with Sydvaranger, they wrote their thesis on improvements to the processing plant in Kirkenes, as well as the design of a new crusher in Bjørnevatn.

The issue addresses how to increase production and profitability in the mine, but at the same time stay within the discharge permit of 4 million tonnes of waste, which is the limit to Sydvaranger for use and discharges into the sea. To analyze the problem, Cato and Kim Gøran used a comparison of different disposal methods for departure. They have also looked at the results of separation of further crushed iron ores and potential benefits. In light of this, they found that magnetic pre-separation on large stones in the new crusher plant makes the iron ore easier to grind down. The gangue is also recyclable, for example for use on the road in Sydvaranger's areas. Gangue can therefore also be a financial resource as it can sell to external companies. Use and discharges in the sea landfill will also be positively affected, and reduced by approximately 12%.

Cato and Kim Gøran think both the technical college and their thesis have been rewarding and educational, and recommend both colleagues and others in the industry to  apply for this education. They have become acquainted with their workplace in a new way, as well as gained a broader understanding of how future operations can be made production efficient and profitable.

Sydvaranger has a high focus on skills development among our employees and managers. It is both important for the SYD team, but also important for Sør-Varanger as a local community. We have a good collaboration with the Technical College in Kirkenes! For more information about the vocational school, see https://fagskole.tffk.no/.

Are you interested in a collaboration with Sydvaranger on your thesis? Contact us by e-mail admin@sydvaranger.com.

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