July 13, 2020

Women in Mining

The mining industry is a male domain, however, there are women working in, around and with the mining sector across all functions and continents. It is vital that women’s individual and collective voice be heard for the industry to improve in diversity, governance and sustainability. Here at Sydvaranger, we encourage women to apply for positions with us as we believe that diversity is key for obtaining a good, healthy and strong working environment and success. This is also reflected in the management, which consists of 50/50 male and female managers.

Women in Mining (WIM) organisations worldwide play an essential role by bringing women and stakeholders together, supporting diversity and being the voice of women in mining in regional and national initiatives. Our very own Sales- & Marketing Director, Melinda Moore, is deeply involved with this work through her role in WIM UK and WIM100.

Read more about Melinda and the meaningful and important work being done by following the link to their website.

For more information about Women in Mining, go to www.womeninmining.org.uk/wim100/

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